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thepuppymaster's Journal

Carry Stress in the Jaw
12 April
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  • fragile sandy
My name is Melanie. I'm just a boring, normal girl who's a little too nerdy for her own good.
journal contents
Aside from the public upload posts, I mostly ramble about my fandoms or daily happenings. Nothing particularly interesting.
All media shared on this journal is intended to be for sampling purposes only. If you like what you hear, please support the artists by buying their CDs. I mean it.
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9goats black out, adventure time, aie, animated .gifs, apocalyptica, astronautalis, austrian death machine, avant garde, avatar: the last airbender, basia bulat, being human, beirut, bioshock, buck-tick, bugs, bugs!, castlevania, cats and theremins, cellists, cello, cocklobin, cursive, cyriak, cysts, deadman, deathgaze, die, dir en grey, district 9, dog fashion disco, dogs, downloading stuff, ducks, el-creapo!, entomology, ethic of reciprocity, eve of destiny, faith no more, fantômas, figwit, flight of the conchords, flower, folk, foxy shazam, garden gnomes, goat cheese, going to concerts, gullet, harpsichord, hybrid-zombiez, hyde, indigo prophecy, insects, invader zim, janelle monáe, jefferson airplane, jhonen vasquez, kein, kingdom hearts, kitsch, közi, l'arc~en~ciel, larkin grimm, lynch., malice mizer, maria bamford, martina topley-bird, massive attack, matson jones, meats of evil, melora creager, melt-banana, mexican food, mike patton, mike patton!, mixed breeds, monster, mr. bungle, nagoya kei, net neutrality, nightcrawler, nintendo, no more heroes, noodles, noodles.velvet, opeth, oz, pibbles, pikmin, pillsbury doughboy, poetic terrorism, pokémon, polkadot cadaver, polysics, psychological thriller, rasputina, red dead redemption, rentrer en soi, resident evil, ryo, serj tankian, shadow of the colossus, slayer, soulseek, sour candy, spiders, spyro the dragon, super smash bros., surrealism, system of a down, tardigrades, teen girl squad, tentacles, the avalanches, the beatles, the legend of zelda, the lord of the rings, the melvins, the pillows, the residents, threadless, tiny spoons, tivativa, tomahawk, toothpaste for dinner, tosinn, trevor dunn, tricky, trip-hop, unintentional comedy, uploading stuff, vamps, versailles, werewolves, wolf's rain, x-men, xa-vat, zoë keating, ಠ_ಠ, あずまんが大王, マキシマム ザ ホルモン, ムック, 分島花音, 塊魂, 宇多田ヒカル, 小島文美, 真鍋吉明, 菅野よう子,