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Sadly with all my scanner settings and image filters I was unable to make the signatures show up clearly on a scan of the photo. So I just scanned the photo on settings for the best image quality, then took a picture of the photo in front of a lamp so you can see the sigs.


I don't suppose anyone knows what the story behind this card might be? I got it from someone selling Jrock miscellany with no explanation and I'm curious for what it was issued and what the numbers on the back mean.


Sorry about the hideousness of this card. xD Its previous owner apparently did not treat it very well, and I can't even attempt to hide it with my MSPaint editing mojo.

I scanned them at 600dpi so Photobucket resized some of the images, but I can upload them full-sized to MediaFire. Just ask which ones you want.

Terms of use:
✣Feel free to share the pictures by linking to this post or uploading them to your own server.
✣Do not claim as your own.
✣Feel free to use them in graphics, no credit needed. And this isn't necessary, but I would appreciate it if you let me see what you make. :)
Tags: scans, scans: 9GОАТЅ BLАСΚ ОUТ, scans: D'elsquel , scans: GULLET , scans: deadman
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