Carry Stress in the Jaw (thepuppymaster) wrote,
Carry Stress in the Jaw

【scans】 saku

I scanned the booklet at 600dpi so Photobucket resized some of the images, but you can download the full-sized scans here:

Terms of Use:
✣Feel free to share the pictures by linking to this post or uploading them to your own server.
✣Do not claim as your own. If you distribute it in its entirety, please credit me.
✣Feel free to use them in graphics, no credit needed. And this isn't necessary, but I would appreciate it if you let me see what you make. :)
Tags: scans, scans: Dir en grey 
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Thank you! ♥
You're welcome! :D
Thank you very much for completing my request =^.^=
No problem~ :)
Aww, love your icon. You're welcome!
Thank you very much for this. ^_^
Also, I thought you'd might like this. ^+^ *random*
You are welcome very much. :)
I've seen wolf spiders carrying egg sacs before but never a full clutch of babies! Tehe, that's crazy how they all know how to (mostly) stay still while holding onto mommy. But one falls off at the end! :OO


8 years ago

Deleted comment

You're quite welcome.
thanks a lot! <3
You're welcome~!
Thank you... )
No problem!
omg!!! it took forever and a day but let me know if there is anything missing!! XD
hey yous i just wanted to make sure the download was ok??

and if there was a magazine issue that i'm missin in there??
Yesyesyes, the download was fine! Thank you again for your efforts! ♥


8 years ago