Carry Stress in the Jaw (thepuppymaster) wrote,
Carry Stress in the Jaw

【sales】 Sales Information

Sales Information
Anime & Manga
Video Games
Clothing & Accessories
Miscellaneous & Freebies
Trade/Wish List

Pricing: It's a bartering system. There's no set price for anything; make an offer! But if you don't know what to offer I can suggest a price I'd like to get. Any price I offer is negotiable unless I say otherwise. In the event that two or more people want the same item, whoever offers the most will receive it.

Payment: I prefer to be paid through PayPal, but I will consider other methods if PayPal is not an option for you. I also accept trades, especially for things on this list.

Shipping: All items are shipped from the United States to anywhere you are.
Tags: sales
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