Carry Stress in the Jaw (thepuppymaster) wrote,
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DO NOT ADD ME WITHOUT TELLING ME. Doing so makes me quite cross.
✣Want me to add you? Leave a comment. I'm not antisocial, just shy. You can talk to me!
✣Please don't add me if all your entries are complaining or are not in readable English.

If you're here for uploads or sales, please consult the sidebar.

If you want to follow this journal's updates but are not interested in being my personal friend, please bookmark or track it instead of adding it to your friends list.
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I love you!!! *___*

017 021 007
Now now, I'm only doing what I would want someone else to do for me were I in your position. :)
I'm the anon from jrocksecrets who wanted to marry you ^0^
can I add you?
Hehe, I was wondering if I'd ever see your face. Sure! I've added you too.
Hey~~~ This is Miyuki from Poupee Girl!!
I hope you don't mind me adding you.
Add me as well please ^_^
Sure, why not! :) you think you could upload Bloodthirsty Butchers - Jack Nicholson for me? I also have soulseek but I lost your s/n.. mine is kyxprey .. I can download there, either is fine. thanks
Sure, here it is.

My Slsk name is thePuppymaster, also.


8 years ago

Hello! Seems like you're a fan from 9goats.
God, is so hard to find people who like them.

And is my favorite band. I love 9goats!!!
So, I was looking for things from them and found your livejournal.
Hope you don't mind that I'm adding you.

p.s.: And sorry about my poor english. My native language is portuguese.
You have found the right person! I loooove 9GOATS. ♥ recently became admin of 9goatsblackout actually. *dramatic pose* I'd love to be friends with more 9GOATS fans always. :D

I took a glance at your journal and it looks like most of your entries are in Portuguese, which I don't understand, but that shouldn't be a problem if you don't mind me not commenting on entries I can't read and if you comment on my entries every once in a while. Adding you now~
Thank you for all the music!!!
You are very welcome!!!
Murmur :3
I want to read you~
I've been curious about you as well. Added~


7 years ago


7 years ago

hi, i'm naku from chile :B i added you bcause i think your lj is interesting.
hope yu accept me, xoxo~
Hiya~ You like 9goats black out so can we be buddies~?
Your livejournal is great!

thanks for the deadman scans ^ ^

I hope you don't mind that i add you as a friend :):)

Probably not. It was around 2 years ago (or so) That we last conversed. I can't remember about what, but my computer went kaput so I haven't been around. Finally got a new one and hunted your profile down again. Just saying, 'Hi.~'
By the way, I'm adding you. That's fine, right? :/
I was looking exist trace pvs in good quality and I found in this LJ
can I added you?
Oh, Christ! You are the god of VK and JR. Please, please, please! Can I add you?! Love you!
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